Private and business IBAN accounts for payments across Europe and abroad

Open account UkooPay allows you to open a designated IBAN account in EUR and to enjoy payments within Europe and countries through the TARGET2 payment system. Everything’s online! Apply for your account now, it's fast and easy!
Avoid standard bank approach, which is not tailor made to your particular business
The alternative solution to classical banking

We, generally, aim to provide the businesses with a simple online solution to send and receive mid-range payments in EUR. Because of payment amounts we usually serve and services range limited to, generally, send/receive payments, we were able to reduce our account opening and monitoring requirements to only those mandatory to follow under KYC and AML regulations and only in respect to services we provide.

There you have it. Now you know, how we operate. Click on “Open Account”, follow 5 simple steps and start enjoying your payments!

Have you noticed that innovative payment solutions are taking over the business world? The role of modern banks has changed lately.

When was the last time you applied for a bank account? Have you been experiencing long waiting lines, confusing applications and tons of documents to submit? Do you spend more time replying to bank’s requests, rather than actually doing your business?

UkooPay is a modern fintech company and has successfully combined the free open-minded thinking with European mindset and approach.

We do not aim to help you hedge your investments, trade CFDs, or provide you with a line of credit. We avoid the standard bank approach of trying to provide lots of non-payment related services.

We aim to provide businesses with a simple online solution to send and receive mid-range payments in EUR. Because of the size of the payment we typically deal with, and by focusing only on payment services, we are able to minimize our account opening and monitoring requirements to only those required for KYC and AML regulations.

That's it. Now you know how we operate. Click on “Open Account”, and follow the 5 simple steps to start enjoying your payments!

UkooPay – a payment system for your business
To whom
UkooPay is a payment system primarily tailored to businesses. If you are struggling with your current bank, then you are in the right place!

Businesses likely to appreciate our services are those which:

  • Are struggling with account opening in a standard bank
  • Are tired of replying to endless compliance requests
  • Like the idea of all operations being made online
  • Don’t require sophisticated banking services

Trading internationally? As our main founder comes from Africa, we are capable of evaluating businesses from African countries. We can direct you to one of our incorporation agents to create a company in Europe and then onboard you as our customer. It is a unique opportunity to start selling your goods and services in Europe, with UkooPay serving as your financial partner, ensuring payments between you, your suppliers, and customers. Please see our "Set up an EU company" page for more information.

Why Us?
Better than a bank
Curious how? Just try us!
Everything online
Don’t spend your time and money for visiting us.
Spend it on your vacation.

Account opening and access to your account is done 100% online.
Fast and simple

Can you check your email or upload a photo to your
Facebook profile? If yes, you can probably complete our online
registration process!

Average time for approval is 1 business day.

EU and International clients
Aside from sanctioned and restricted persons, we are happy to onboard any individual or business located within the EU.

We are open to particular international customers as well.
For more details check out our Set up an EU company page.
ProcedureBecoming our client is fast and easy
Create an account and confirm your e-mail
Fill in a basic questionnaire and confirm your phone number
Prove your identity by uploading a personal document and a utility bill
Get approved
Log in to your account and enjoy personal payments
Add a business account, if needed